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Probate Forms And Legal Information

Probate Forms

Probate form PA1 is the main application form everyone one completes
PA3 details probate fees that relate and must be enclosed with your application

PA4 is a directory of interview venues and UK registries

IHT205 is to be completed if the estate is excepted

IHT400 is a full inheritance account to be submitted if the estate is liable

Is Legal Representation required?

The short answer to this is no, applying for probate can be done by yourself as an individual. However it is recommended that you seek legal assistance in the following circumstances:
  • Where there is no will
  • When someone is likely to contest the will or contest probate
  • In the case of disputes between executors
  • When the estate is liable for inheritance tax
  • If the assets consist of shares or are held in Trust
  • If the deceased lived or has assets abroad
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