Fixed Fee Probate

Fixed Fee Probate

We are a specialist probate company offering fixed fee probate service Nationwide. Our probate fees are fixed beforehand and no payment needs to be made in advance.

Fixed fee probate means we'll agree a set price from the outset and guarantee there are no hidden charges or extras and you need not pay any monies to us in advance. Our fixed price is based simply on the amount of work we must undertake. We will deal with everything from the funeral expenses, to the Inland Revenue, the conveyancing of property and the final distribution to the beneficiaries with no hidden costs. Unlike most banks and solicitors we offer:

  • No expensive percentage fees based on value of estate - We believe that dealing with a bank account ought to cost the same, whether it contains £10,000 or £100,000.
  • No hourly rates - We don't want you to feel like the clock is always ticking, whilst we are working for you if you feel you need to contact us you are free to do so without incurring additional expense.
  • No extra charges for letters, calls and emails - We agree a price for a service and that's it; you will not be charged for every call we make, letter or email we send.

About our Fixed Fee Probate Guarantee

We offer a Price Promise

Our fee is £ 1,250 + VAT or 1% of the estate value + VAT if over
£ 125,000 (or 0.75% of any property valued in the estate).

Of course, cost isn't the only consideration when searching for a company to deal with the administration of an estate. It is equally important to find a practitioner who is qualified understanding, approachable and available.

Why choose us?

Free Advice and No-Obligation Appointments - you can call us to make your no obligation appointment to discuss Estate Administration.

Probate Specialists - we are specialists in Estate Administration, probate and will writing. The law changes constantly, a probate expert will be in the best position to advise you.

Inclusive Service - when we deal with your application or application for Letters of Administration, we take care of the entire process.
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