Applying For Probate

Applying For Probate

While applying for probate may sound simple, the ramifications can be time consuming, drawn-out and distressing. When a loved one has passed away you may not want to be burdened with the responsibility of dealing with the deceased affairs. If you would like us to help you apply for probate speak to one of our advisors. Applying for probate is the procedure of requesting a legal document from HM Courts & Tribunals Service that will allow you to take control of the estate of a deceased person.

Applying for Probate Grant

We offer a complete estate administration service which includes applying for probate, dealing with beneficiaries, debtors, creditors, banks and financial institutions, including HMRC.

Fixed fees - our costs are agreed with you in advance, we even operate a price promise guarantee. So you will know exactly what we charge when we apply for probate.

No upfront payment required - our fixed fee for probate can be paid from the estate later.

Free Help & Advice - When applying for probate call us or make a no-obligation appointment, we can answer any questions you may have about probate.

Who can apply for Probate?

With a Will (testate) - The executor/s named in the will. Normally one executor will apply for the Grant and administer the estate. However, up to 4 executors can apply jointly if necessary. If the executor is under 18, a joint application must be made with another executor or guardian.

Without a Will (intestate) - The Rules of Intestacy must apply; the statutory law that determines what happens when there's no will. It includes a strict hierarchy detailing who can apply for the letters of administration. It is sensible to seek legal assistance, call us to find out more about intestacy rules.

When is applying for Probate required

The first step in applying for probate is to gather together all relevant paperwork as original documents will have to be submitted. You'll also have to value the estate. This will then enable you to fill out the required forms relating to probate and inheritance tax. These are submitted along with the fees to HM Courts & Tribunals and HMRC in order to apply for a grant. You'll then receive an appointment through to attend an interview at the probate registry where you'll confirm the information presented is correct and swear an oath. Provided there are no problems, the grant or lettersof administration are issued.
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